E16 TYSWELD – electrode Inox 316L

E16 TYSWELD – electrode Inox 316L

EN 1600: E 19 12 3 L R 1 1
DIN 8556 E19 12 LR 26
AWS A 5.4: E316L – 16

This electrode is intended for welding of stainless steel. It is very resistant to chlorides, sea salt and water and the weld has high plasticity. It features excellent weldability, smooth face of the weld and high resistant to hot cracking. It is designed for welding of thin-wall elements in all positions.

Coating rutile
Drying 350 °C/2h
Welding current ~=(+)
Arc voltage 50V
Approvals CE

Welding positions:

Product Diameter Package Catalog No.
E16 2,0mm 2kg E16.117
E16 2,5mm 2kg E16.118
E16 3,25mm 2kg E16.119
E16 4,0mm 2kg E16.105