EFER TYSWELD – electrode for cast iron ENi-Cl

EFER TYSWELD – electrode for cast iron ENi-Cl

SFA/AWS A 5.15: E Ni-Cl
EN ISO 1071: E C Ni – Cl 3

Nickel electrode for welding of gray and malleable cast iron. Produces weld metal with good workability. Designed for use „cold” or with little heating of the material. Suitable for filling defects in castings and repairing damaged cast iron elements. The electrode is characterized by the ease of electric arc ignition, the weld face is smooth, fully machinable by cutting – hardness about 150HB. It is recommended to weld
with low linear energies, to lay short straight stitches with a length of 10 to 30 mm and to convert each stitch immediately after welding.

Welded material EN-GJL-100
EN-GJL-350 (GG-10 – GG-35), EN-GJMB-350
EN-GJMB-700 (GTS 35-10 – GTS 70-02), EN-GJS-400
EN-GJS-700 (GGG-40 – GGG-70), EN-GJMW-350
EN-GJMW-360 (GTW 35-04 – GTW S 38)
Coating basic
Drying 200°C/2h
Welding current =(+)
Idling voltage >50V
Approvals CE

Welding positions:

Product Diameter Package Catalog No.
EFER 2,5mm 1,3kg EFER.528
EFER 3,25mm 1,5kg EFER.529
EFER 4,0mm 1,5kg EFER.530