ENiFe TYSWELD – electrode for cast iron ENiFe-Cl

ENiFe TYSWELD – electrode for cast iron ENiFe-Cl

SFA/AWS A 5.15: E NiFe-Cl
EN ISO 1071: E C NiFe – 1 3

Electrode with an iron-nickel bimetal core, with an increased welding current carrying capacity. Designed for repairs of „cold” castings or with a slight heating of the material and joining of cast irons with steel.
It produces a weld metal with greater strength and resistance to crystallization fractures than a nickel electrode. The electrode is characterized by the ease of electric arc ignition, the weld face is smooth, fully machinable by cutting – hardness about 200HB. It is recommended to weld with low linear energies, to lay  hort straight stitches with a length of 10 to 30 mm and to convert each stitch immediately after welding.

Welded material EN-GJMW-360, EN-GJS-350 do EN-GJS-400 (GGG 40), EN-GJMB-350 (GTS 35-10)
Coating basic
Drying 200°C/2h
Welding current =(+)
Idling voltage >45V
Approvals CE

Welding positions:

Product Diameter Package Catalog No.
ENiFe 2,5mm 1,3kg ENiFe.525
ENiFe 3,25mm 1,3kg ENiFe.526
ENiFe 4,0mm 1,5kg ENiFe.527