T09W TYSWELD – rods for stainless steel 309LSi

T09W TYSWELD – rods for stainless steel 309LSi

EN ISO 14343-A: W 23 12 LSi
DIN 8556 SG – X2 CrNi 24 12
AWS A 5.9: ER309LSi6

These welding rods are intended for welding of acid resistant steel and cast steel, type 23% Cr, 12% Ni and for joining them with non-alloy steels as well as for laying the buffer layers in heteronymous joints.
Increased Si content improves weldability. The joint is creep-resistant up to 1000 ℃.

Welded material 1.4583 +S235 – S355 etc.
Shielding gas (EN ISO 14175) l1
Welding current =(-)
Approvals TÜV* DB* CE

* Certificate is pending

Product Diameter Package Catalog No.
T09W (WIG) 1,0mm 5kg T09W.121
T09W (WIG) 1,2mm 5kg T09W.071
T09W (WIG) 1,6mm 5kg T09W.072
T09W (WIG) 2,0mm 5kg T09W.073
T09W (WIG) 2,4mm 5kg T09W.074
T09W (WIG) 3,2mm 5kg T09W.075
T09W (WIG) 4,0mm 5kg T09W.122