T43M TYSWELD – welding wire for aluminium AlSi5

T43M TYSWELD – welding wire for aluminium AlSi5

EN ISO 18273: S AI 4043
DIN 1762 AlSi5
AWS A 5.10: ER 4043

It is widely used aluminium alloy for joining of alloys type ALMgSi and ALSi oj silicone content up to 7%. Silicone addition in the alloy increases welding smoothness. The alloy is resistant to hot cracking and the
weld face is almost complexly devoid of temper.

Welded material AlMgSi0,5, AlMgSi1, AlmgSiCu, G-AlSi6Cu4, etc.
Shielding gas (EN ISO 14175) l1, l3
Welding current =(+)
Approvals TÜV* DB* CE

* Certificate is pending

Welding positions:

Product Diameter Spool Catalog No.
T43M 0,8mm 2kg T43M.048
T43M 1,0mm 2kg T43M.050
T43M 1,2mm 2kg T43M.052
T43M 0,8mm 7kg T43M.049
T43M 1,0mm 7kg T43M.051
T43M 1,2mm 7kg T43M.053
T43M 1,6mm 7kg T43M.533