T58 TYSWELD – welding wire for surfacing

T58 TYSWELD – welding wire for surfacing

EN ISO 14700-A: T Fe 2

DIN 8555: MF 6-GF-60GP

Core wire for surfacing of elements exposed to very high impact and medium abrasion (e.g. mixer and ship blades, hammers and crushing jaws, teeth of excavator buckets and grippers). The weld is resistant to distortion and impact, because it is hard, without cracks and comparisons. Can only be machined by grinding. The temperature during surfacing should not exceed 200 C. The hardness of the surfacing depends on the welding conditions, the number of layers and the chemical composition of the parent material (after welding 54-58 HRC).

Welded material steels, steel castings
Shielding gas (EN ISO 14175) M21, C1
Welding current =(+)
Approvals CE

Welding positions:

Product Diameter Spool Catalog No.
T58 1,2mm 15kg T58.010