About us

We have been a part of the welding materials industry for 25 years now, and today, as a Polish manufacturer of welding wire, we have several hundred customers across twenty European countries. We succeed by product availability and quality. How do we do this?

We have developed and tested at our laboratories innovative methods of cleaning, drawing and rolling wire. Our solutions are patented and today we are several steps ahead of our competition. With us, our customers also enjoy market advantages.

We mainly manufacture SG2 and SG3 type wire, optimum for the construction, mining, machinery, shipbuilding, energy, automotive and other sectors of the industry. Our wire is particularly suited for automated work stations.

Our innovative process line ensures perfect, repeatable quality of TYSWELD wire,
defined by uniformity and purity of every metre of product. THis is confirmed by certification by TÜV Süd and Deutsche Bahn and conformity with standards PN-EN ISO 14341 and PN-EN ISO 544.

Join those who profit from our innovations.
Who are ahead of the competition thanks to us.
Who develop and succeed.
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establishment of the company TIS Tomasz Anioł


the company TIS Tomasz Anioł becomes the official representative of the largest welding material manufacturers


development of the TYSWELD brand


development of the brand TIS Tomasz Anioł


opening of the warehouse in Gdynia, Poland


construction starts on new headquarters of TIS Tomasz Anioł in Pilzno, Poland, address Błonia 5


TYSWELD GmbH is created in Berlin, Germany, taking over the TYSWELD brand


TIS becomes the official representative of the TYSWELD brand


implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System


commencement of construction of the manufacturing hall in Pilzno


start-up of an innovative production line for welding wire


acquisition of TÜV, DB and CE certifications for welding wire manufactured in Pilzno


25-year anniversary of the establishment of TIS, rebranding of Tysweld