The production process uses innovative technical solutions.



Welding wire quality as confirmed by various certificates issued by notified bodies.


Safety and security

As a manufacturer, we guarantee repatable quality and stable deliveries.

What makes us stand out

Tysweld.pl Tysweld.pl

Comprehensive customer supply

We are a leading and modern manufacturer of welding wire in Poland. The utilised process technical solutions, our highly qualified employee team and passion for our work guarantee top quality of the manufactured welding supplies, as confirmed by TÜV, DB and CE certifications. Our products are available domestically and in 21 European countries. The current offer of the company is very broad and covers welding as well as similar processes.

Tysweld.pl Tysweld.pl

Everything on time

Material distribution is effected according to the ‘just in time’ principle. We operate our own transport fleet and have at our disposal large warehouse space.

Tysweld.pl Tysweld.pl

Specialist help

Our qualified personnel is always at your disposal. We employ specialists in the welding industry.



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