Repeatable parameters

You can be certain that the last coil will be same as the first one – uniform in colour, even, clean and smooth, and this is the seam that it will yield – clean and even.


Broad applications

Even though the wire is specialised, but thanks to carefully selected parameters and stable quality one can perform welding in the entire range of low, medium and high current values.


Always available

You do not have to wait for overseas transport, you can order and it will be at your work station tomorrow – in the optimum volume so that you do not have to keep excess stock and… generate costs.

Why Tysweld?

Tysweld.pl Tysweld.pl

Perfect wire purity

The innovative method of cleaning the rolled steel by water under pressure removes ambient dust and 99.9% of the scale – the clean wire has less splatter, does not clog the feeder and the inlet of the welding grip.

Tysweld.pl Tysweld.pl

Stable, even wire feed in the welding grip

Thanks to the wire being coiled without a drum during initial drawing – the own internal tension in the wire is reduced. The wire emerges straight and uniformly from the grip end, greatly reducing its wear.

Tysweld.pl Tysweld.pl

Availability of wire manufactured in Poland

Irrespective of any congestions in world supply chains, Tysweld is always there – no necessity of costly stockpiling.

Tysweld.pl Tysweld.pl

Product quality confirmed by TÜV SÜD and Deutsche Bahn certifications as well as conformity with standards PN-EN ISO 14341 as well as PN-EN ISO 544.

Make sure your production department has reliable wire, always available in the same, high quality. The wire that you will order today and receive tomorrow will be in the right volume, without the need to burden your budget with excess stock. Then, free of the problems and remarks by welders, you will be able to focus on the core of your business – production, performance and new solutions. We will take care of the rest.
Tysweld. Welding straightforward, like wire.



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