TS3 QBA ECO –  SG3 non-copper-coated welding wire

TS3 QBA ECO – SG3 non-copper-coated welding wire

EN ISO 14341-A: G4Si1
DIN 8559 SG-3
AWS A5.18 ER70S-6

Non-copper-coated solid welding wire for MIG/ MAG welding. Used for the welding of carbon-manganese fine-grained steel, structural steel, etc. Manufactured in Poland using European steel thanks to innovative QBA technology. It stands out primarily by its low emissions of hazardous fumes and vapours and perfect purity as well as appropriately selected geometry. Thanks to these advantages the consumption of welding accessories is greatly reduced, and the working environment will be much cleaner and friendlier. The increased Si and MN content as compared to TS2 allows the achievement of greater resistance of the weld metal and greater resistance against surface contaminations of the welded components.  It will prove itself across the whole range of welding parameters from the lowest to the highest settings always maintaining stability in the guidance of the welding arc. It is used e. g. in the construction industry, the automotive industry, the petrochemical industry, in the construction of ships, boilers and containers.

Welded materialP235 / S235 – P460 / S460 etc.
Protective gas (EN ISO 14175)M21, C1
Welding current=(+)
CertificationsTÜV DB CE
Weld metal classificationEN ISO 14341-A: G 46 4 M21 4SI1 EN ISO 14341-A: G 42 3 C1 4Si1

Welding positions: