Sustainable development by TYSWELD

In all our work, we strive to be the a responsible partner for our Customers, Employees and the local population. Already during planning of the start-up of manufacture of welding wire, aware of the fact that we bear responsibility for our planet, we have set ourselves goals that allowed us to limit our negative impact on the environment as much as possible. We are proud to be limiting the volume of developed waste and contaminants, thanks to

- innovative technological solutions

- very efficient production processes

- continued development and improvement of our Management System,

- cooperation with experts

- development of awareness and the feeling of responsibility for future generations among our Personnel.


As an amendment to the traditional process of wire breaking and brushing before initial drawing, we wash the wire under a high-pressure water stream. This process, differing from the energy-consuming and, what’s more important, environmentally hazardous method of etching and coating with the lubrication layer, ensures not only perfect cleanliness of steel but also reduces dust formation.

The pressurised water wire cleaning method is an innovative solution to accommodate the idea of sustainable development, meaning – protection of the environment in three areas – nature, technical resources, and, most importantly – human resources.

Reduction of dust formation almost to zero means a clean production environment, cleaner immediate surroundings of the plant and care for employee health. All of this fits in perfectly in with our ESG policy, as a direction of action in modern production. TYSWELD is developing, at the same time reducing the costs of its activity for the environment. Only by acting together are we able to efficiently manage our resources, supporting pioneering solutions and selecting responsible and conscious customers.
reduction of dust
formation during production
up to 99.9%
recyclable packaging
hazardous wire
cleaning processes

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