T20 TYSWELD – welding wire SG2

T20 TYSWELD – welding wire SG2

EN ISO 14341-A: G3Si1
DIN 8559 SG-2
AWS A5.18 ER70S-6

The manganese-silicone electrode wires, copper plated are intended for welding by MIG/MAG methods of low-carbon construction steel and finegrained manganese construction steel. It allows using both high currents with spray arc and low currents at short-circuit metal transfer. The welding wire Tysweld T20 is offered only in precision winding and is widely used in engineering, automotive, petrochemical industries as well as at boiler and ship building and containers. This high quality welding wire has very well deserved good reputation which it owes to high quality feeding, arc stability and its unique characteristics. Caring for invariable quality every spool is subject to internal quality control.

Welded material P235 / S235 – P420 / S420 etc.
Shielding gas (EN ISO 14175) M20, M21, M3, C1
Welding current =(+)
Approvals TÜV DB CE ABS
Weld metal classification EN ISO 14341-A-G 42 4 C1/M21 G3SI1

Welding positions:

Product Diameter Spool Catalog No.
T20 0,6mm 1kg T20.000
T20 0,8mm 1kg T20.002
T20 0,6mm 5kg T20.001
T20 0,8mm 5kg T20.003
T20 1,0mm 5kg T20.006
T20 1,2mm 5kg T20.009
Product Diameter K300 Catalog No.
T20 0,8mm 15kg T20.004
T20 1,0mm 15kg T20.007
T20 1,2mm 15kg T20.010
T20 1,4mm 15kg T20.013
Product Diameter D270 Catalog No.
T20P 0,8mm 15kg T20.137
T20P 1,0mm 15kg T20.138
T20P 1,2mm 15kg T20.139
Product Diameter Drum Catalog No.
T20 0,8mm 250kg T20.005
T20 1,0mm 250kg T20.008
T20 1,2mm 250kg T20.012