T56M TYSWELD – welding wire for aluminium AlMg5

T56M TYSWELD – welding wire for aluminium AlMg5

EN ISO 18273: S AI 5356
DIN 1732. SG – AlMg5
AWS A 5.10: ER 5356

It is widely used alloy that is classified as the weld metal of general application. ALMg5 is usually selected as the weld metal because of its high shear strength. It assures higher resistance to cracking than the weld metals of lower magnesium content. It is resistant to sea water.

Welded material AlMg1 – AlMg5, AlMg4Mn, AlMgSi1, AlZn4,5Mg1 etc.
Shielding gas (EN ISO 14175) l1, l3
Welding current =(+)
Approvals TÜV DB* CE

* Certificate is pending

Welding positions:

Product Diameter Spool Catalog No.
T56M 0,8mm 2kg T56M.042
T56M 1,0mm 2kg T56M.044
T56M 1,2mm 2kg T56M.046
T56M 0,8mm 7kg T56M.043
T56M 1,0mm 7kg T56M.045
T56M 1,2mm 7kg T56M.047
T56M 1,6mm 7kg T56M.497