E08 TYSWELD – electrode Inox 308L

E08 TYSWELD – electrode Inox 308L

EN 1600: E 19 9 L R 1 1
DIN 8556 E19 9 LR 26
AWS A 5.4: E308L – 16

This is the rutile electrode intended for welding of stainless steel. It is also suitable for stabilized steels of similar chemical composition except or the required heat-resistance. It is especially designed for welding of thin-wall pipes. Using the electrodes of diameters 1,6–2,5mm it is possible to weld in vertical down position.

Coating rutile
Drying 350°C/2h
Welding current ~=(+)
Arc voltage 50V
Approvals CE

Welding positions:

Product Diameter Package Catalog No.
E08 2,0mm 2kg  E08.102
E08 2,5mm 2kg  E08.103
E08 3,25mm 2kg  E08.104
E08 4,0mm 2kg  E08.105