Rods for gas welding SPG1 copper

Rod for gas welding SPG1 copper

PN-88/M-69420 SPG1
PN-EN 12 5360 I
SFA/AWS A 5.2 R45

This weld metal is intended for acetylene-oxygen welding of non- and low-alloy steels with a yield strength up to 300MPa. Typically, it is used to water heating installations and vessels.

Product Diameter Length Package Catalog No.
SPG1 copper 2,0mm 1000mm 10kg TIS.004
SPG1 copper 2,5mm 1000mm 10kg TIS.005
SPG1 copper 3,25mm 1000mm 10kg TIS.006
SPG1 copper 4,0mm 1000mm 10kg TIS.007