T83W TYSWELD – rods for aluminium AlMg4,5Mn

T83W TYSWELD – rods for aluminium AlMg4,5Mn

EN ISO 18273: S AI 5183
DIN 1732. SG – AlMg4,5Mn
AWS A 5.10: R 5183

This aluminium rods for the alloy type AL.-Mg 4,5 Mn are intended for welding of aluminium alloys of similar composition. The weld metal has better strength than ALMg5. It finds application in marine constructions and where high strength, and resistance to impact and corrosion are required.

Welded material AlMg5, AlMg4,5Mn, AlMgSi1 etc.
Shielding gas (EN ISO 14175) l1, l3
Welding current (~)
Approvals TÜV DB* CE

* Certificate is pending

Product Diameter Package Catalog No.
T83W (WIG) 1,6mm 5kg T83W.124
T83W (WIG) 2,0mm 5kg T83W.125
T83W (WIG) 2,4mm 5kg T83W.126
T83W (WIG) 3,2mm 5kg T83W.127
T83W (WIG) 4,0mm 5kg T83W.128